Coaching Newsletter

Training or Coaching?

When I think of “training”, I think of my dog.

He needs training: “now sit, Tiger.” “Stay… sttaaaay”.

To train Tiger, I want to repeat simple instructions repeatedly until he responds with the behavior I have in mind.

I don’t train people to be airline pilots, where I’d want to make sure they were following procedure and process, over and over until they pass inspection.

The sales “training” I do for clients is typically with a sales team of 4 -12 people. I present concepts, illustrate with scenarios, we discuss parallels to what each of them finds in similar situations, and the salespeople go away and practice. But I’m not there to do drills.

So it is with coaching. I work one-on-one with a sales person, addressing performance issues and problems they are running into.

We talk and analyze a specific scenario, and then I make suggestions on how they can create a more desired outcome. I’m like the third base coach who is there on the sideline, signaling the base runner to hold or come charging ahead. He looks to me to share my experiences in the like situations. I prompt, encourage, and support.

And I don’t make them do it over and over until they drop. That I’ll leave for Tiger.